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A Collection of Psalms by Elizabeth Moran
Elizabeth Moran
Mixed-media painting

61 x 61cm

Dinsdale Place#1 by Tom Winney
Tom Winney

21 x 29cm

No. 24-33 (160 x 200 cm ) by Rokas Berziunas
Rokas Berziunas
Acrylic painting

160 x 200cm

Bubble Lips - Black by Anastasiia Comicada
Anastasiia Comicada

12 x 11cm

Two Vases of Tulips III by Jan Rippingham
Jan Rippingham
Acrylic painting

33 x 48cm

Vicinity 1 by Katrin Roth
Katrin Roth
Acrylic painting

26 x 34cm

ICON #14 by Ronald Hunter
Ronald Hunter
Acrylic painting

93 x 93cm

Venus' garden II by Petra Schott
Petra Schott
Oil painting

140 x 180cm

Parachute Mind (Diptych) by Rashna Hackett
Rashna Hackett
Acrylic painting

51 x 70cm

Intersecting Gradient Abstract by Amelia Coward
Amelia Coward
Acrylic painting

50 x 70cm

Radiant Sunset Colors by Behshad Arjomandi
Behshad Arjomandi
Acrylic painting

100 x 100cm

FRAGMENTS OF A DREAM no. 9 by Daniela Schweinsberg
Daniela Schweinsberg
Mixed-media painting

20 x 20cm