Artwork description:

This is not an artwork that focuses on the political nature of the world although it might well seem to at first, it is in fact a statement of human biology.

the aim is to take nations that at times have differing views and point to the fact that one fundamental and special thing is shared by all people regardless of history, the future, politics and any other human construct. That is that under it all we are all human beings and share that in common, our hearts all look the same.

This is the first in a series that uses the flags of nations that are at odds and seeks to use this to point towards not what differs us but instead what unites us, hopefully these are the fundamentals that will see health wealth and happiness spread throughout the world with a common level of these elements of life being held by all.

Materials used:

ink, pencil,Acrylic


#three dimensional mixed media  #perspective drawing  #3 dimensional effect  #modern  #modern art  #original  #people  #pop art  #acrylic  #gold  #minimal  #illustration  #miniature  #ink drawing  #ink 

We all share one fundamental thing (2017)


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