Artwork description:

This is a highly textured piece made with acrylic paint, inks, paper, and salt. It was painted on 12"x12" canvas

The Holidays are always difficult for me. I love being with my family, but I'm an introvert at heart and would just love to stay home and read a book instead of doing family stuff. Once I get there, I'm okay. I have to battle it until I get there, though. It helps that my son is home and I do try and join in for him. I wonder sometimes how many others are like me. It doesn't mean we don't love our family and friends, but that we just really like being alone. The 'collective sigh' of this painting is how I feel once the Holidays are over.

Thanks so much for checking out my "stuff"!

Materials used:

medium, acrylic painting, ink, salt


#abstract  #abstract painting  #painting  #acrylic  #mixed media  #ink  #emotion  #emotional  #ink painting  #abstract mixed media  #abstract emotional painting 

Collective Sigh (2019)


This artwork is sold by Shelli Finch from United States

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