Work It! Artfinder Dads!

Dads of Artfinder!

It's hard being an artist. It's even harder being a dad. On this international day of fatherly celebration, we raise a glass to the hard-working dads of Artfinder who manage both!

1. Alexander Koltakov

Maximum points for cuteness, Toronto-based artist Alexander Koltakov works on his painting 'Spring Stream 2' whilst his newborn daughter peeps over his shoulder. We think that's a smile...


2. Tihomir Cirkvencic

Croatian artist Tihomir Cirkvencic makes a valiant effort to balance sketching with a family day out to the seaside. Beautiful scenery, fun for the kids, what could possibly go wrong?


3. Darren Thompson

Here's one dad who deserves a medal. As well as having two kids of his own, and being our best-selling US artist, Chicago-based Darren Thompson also balances his work with being teacher art to special education children for Chicago Public Schools.


4. Henry Jones

Like all good dads, watercolourist Henry Jones knows a thing or two about sheds. Here he is, hard at work in his.


He built this beauty himself. It's fully insulated, has power, daylight LED lights and a 1960s draughting table, via eBay, from an old atomic power station. Nice.


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