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Work It! On the Road

Hit the road, Jack

Because nothing says 'I'm a free spirit!' quite like a road trip.

1. Michael Lees

British photographer Michael Lees lives in Australia. Some classic 'yeah man' road standing here.


2. Robert Longford

UK-based photographer Robert on a trip to Iceland. Cold, but still pretty happy.


3. Justice Hyde

UK photographer Justice Hyde (is this road trip love a photographer thing?) in one of his favourite places, the Lancashire hills. Here he is, standing on a Yeti. A Skoda Yeti, that is.


4. Toula Paphitis

Greek artist Toula started early with the road trip. Here she is (on the left) with her parents and sister, in sunny Cyprus driving uphill to beautiful village of Lefkara.


Hero image: Roadmove (23), 2015 by Werner Pans

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