Work It! Our artists doing their thing...

Work It! Our artists doing their thing...

It's been a busy old week for our 6,000 artists. From donkeys to drawing, street art to sky diving, here's our best of the week.

Cally Lawson

Cally works from her studio in South Lakeland, Cumbria. Set on the family dairy farm with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, it provides plenty of inspiration for her artwork. This is one of her three pet donkeys Annabelle, who she loves to draw. It's not easy as there is no chance of them staying still for very long and they apparently run off with your equipment as soon as you turn your back!


Karina Antonczak

Polish textile artist and painter, Karina took up art full time after her son was born. Her latest series of works are inspired by the recollections of her great-grandmother, who manufactured folk and artistic fabrics.


Rosie Scribblah

Rosie could draw before she could walk and as soon as she was mobile she carried on; chalking on pavements, marking dusty vehicles with a wet finger and now, a sketchbook her constant companion, she walks and draws in the shadow of several thousand years of European artistic tradition.

Some of the most enduring monuments are those we create to the memory of lost loved ones. From the well documented grandeur of the Taj Mahal to the anonymous brutality of a dolmen in West Wales these structures speak of the sorrow of loss across the millennia. She loves drawing objects which are invested with such depth of feeling particularly when they have been there so long they become part of the landscape. This is her drawing Carreg Coetan near Newport in North Pembrokeshire.


Zhana Viel

Zhana's paintings are first and foremost an expression of what her sense gather from the surrounding world. The process is almost thoughtless and without the interferences of the cultural preconceptions. The musical themes are especially moving as they portray the unity between the musicians and their instruments.

Peter Slade

Peter thinks of his work as somewhere between pop realism and contemporary still life. He paints from photographs he takes of cultural objects that are on the one hand quite mundane yet have often taken on almost iconic status due to the power of advertising and mass media.


Alex Schlacher

New to Artfinder this week, Alex is an Austrian photographer currently living in the UK.

She tends to do long-term personal projects, like her last book, Arc of the Gurkha, for which she was embedded with the British Gurkhas for three years, on deployment in Afghanistan and on exercises in the UK, Australia, Brunei and Kenya and documenting recruitment as well as retired soldiers in both Nepal and the UK.

This is her during an exercise with the COBRA Parachute Unit. COBRA are the Austrian counter-terrorism and special operations unit.


Hero Image c. The Krah

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