Work It! A look inside our artists' studios...

by Jane Verity

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the best photographs from our 'Me at Work' feed, the thousands of images that our artists upload daily of themselves working - in 97 countries, 24 timezones and every colour under the sun. This week 'Work It!' gets a behind-the-scenes view of our artists in their studios.

Ian Viggars

London-based artist Ian Viggars paints using acrylic paint on canvas in a variety of styles, but mainly pop art. He favours bold bright colours and pastels, often with black outlines. He also likes pizza. And bananas.

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Wayne Chisnall

Those hands in the header photo belong to sculptor Wayne Chisnall. Wayne's work has appeared in galleries, magazines and on TV (including BBC 2's 'The Culture Show', Channel 4 News, and Channel 4's 'Four Rooms'). He has also just completed the graphic work used for the interior of the new Ping Pong restaurant adjacent to Wembley Stadium.

In this over-head shot of his hands, working on a section of a new tower sculpture, you can just about make out his face reflected in the section's lens.

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Frederic Belaubre

Frederic is one of our all time best-selling artists, a prolific creator whose work spans from surrealist sketches to rich, abstract watercolours.

Is it just us, or does Frederic have the biggest paint brushes ever?!

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Ronald Hunter

Dutch artist Ronald Hunter is currently working on a new studio and exhibition space in Rotterdam. Ronald works with bold, layered colours, creating large abstract works, which also often include elements of graphic art and typography.

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Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov

Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov are twin brothers who work with anthropomorphic images, finding expression in myth, fairy tale, fables, cartoons, games and toys.

It takes a lot of effort to get that 'spilt' look just right...

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Vera Komnig

Painter Vera Komnig has just joined us, and has shared this great shot from her studio. Vera is based in Germany and specialises in expressive acrylic and oil paintings.

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Wayne Chisnall images c. Paul Michael Hughes.

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