Work It! New Year, New You...

Work It! New Year, New You...

Each week in 2016 we're going to be doing a round-up of the best photographs from our 'Me at Work' feed, the thousands of images that our artists upload daily of themselves working - in 97 countries, 24 timezones and every colour under the sun.

So let's see what our 6,000 artists are doing to bring in the New Year.

Emma Gornall

Emma made an impromptu stop at the world famous Dark Hedges, the most famous location from Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland. It took her so very long to get a shot without people in it. The place is so popular. And rightly so.


Then she took a stroll over the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge in Ireland. Another must have for Game of Thrones fans or anyone visiting Ireland. She was out capturing seascapes, cliffs and landscapes shots. The coast has so much diversity that she was able to get a great range of shots in one day trip.


Yuliya Martynova

Today's Work It! was inspired by UK-based watercolourist Yuliya Martynova, who decided to add some photos of herself combining painting with a tongue-in-cheek work out session to bring in the New Year. Good for you, Yuliya!

So here's what Yuliya looks like normally looks like when she's painting...


And here's what happened when she decided to combine it with a workout...


Not entirely conventional, but it's one way not to get your clothes covered in paint!

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Evan Sklar

Staying with a health and fitness theme, we suspect this isn't actually American landscape artist Evan Sklar, but the photo made us chuckle...


Or maybe it is...check him out here!

Piotr Michnikowski

And finally,'s sculptor Piotr Michnikowski having a well deserved lie-down with his sculpture Theatrical Equestrian outside the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw!


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