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Work It! The Great Outdoors

Work It! The Great Outdoors

As the British weather takes a turn for the worse, this week we look to our worldwide community of artists to remind us what 'outside' looks like.

Katrina Case

Michigan-based artist Katrina Case had this photograph taken of her on a trip to Puerto Rica's famous 'Cueva Ventana.' She says the climb was tricky and the smell of bat guano was overpowering, but the view was worth it all. She spent two and a half amazing hours at this breathtaking spot painting. Lucky her!


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Leon Sarantos

Leon created this painting “Garden Retreat” en plein air during the annual “Artists In the Garden” event, hosted by Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, Illinois. He says, “The garden I painted, “Jardin Delacroix” in Flossmoor, is quite lovely. I sought to portray it as a peaceful and inviting scene, with a small pond as the focal point. As I continued to work on the painting, I was influenced by the interplay of shade and light in the garden art of the Impressionists.”


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Kimberley Bruce

Canadian artist Kimberley Bruce took this beauty recently. It's a photograph of Vancouver Island, Canada - her home and inspiration. She took this photograph just south of Tofino, British Columbia, from the deck of a fishing boat.

It's the third in her "Colours" series of photographic prints, and it's for sale here!

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Lana Shuks

Painter Lana Shuks lives in West Cork, Ireland. She spends almost every day working in the beautiful woods or gardens where she lives. Sometimes she goes barefoot, and who can blame her!


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Jane Kell

Jane lives very near Bushy Park which is the second largest park in London - it's right next to Hampton Court Palace and was used by Henry VIII as his hunting ground when he lived there - as a result when you are working 'en plein air", as she does sometimes, you have to dodge the deer as there are hundreds of them roaming in herds all over the park. She always takes her dog Penny with her for company!


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Irina Kirienko-Milton

Washington-based artist Irina takes a trip to Cathedral Mountain, Wyoming. And what a mountain it is!


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Rosco Brittin

And finally, back to the UK for a slightly more urban view of the outdoors. We don't entirely know the story behind this one from illustrator and printmaker Rosco Brittin, but let's just say that when you live in London you get the bus.


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Hero image c. Virginia

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