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Futuristic Old Time San Francisco by Maria Luisa  Azzini
Maria Luisa Azzini
Acrylic painting

13 x 13cm

Roma Street Market by Maximilian Damico
Maximilian Damico

26 x 32cm

Red Line Route by Kristina Sellers
Kristina Sellers
Oil painting

30 x 41cm

Memories of Guatemala by Lilla Kuizs
Lilla Kuizs
Oil painting

95 x 95cm

Rose Window by Maria Susarenko
Maria Susarenko
Acrylic painting

88 x 117cm

Midnight Milltown by Elizabeth Anne Fox
Elizabeth Anne Fox
Mixed-media painting

42 x 29cm

Gone Fishing I by Fatima Mian
Fatima Mian

61 x 91cm

" Gold DS " by Benoit Montet
Benoit Montet
Oil painting

66 x 46cm

Cityscape with blue tram by Kamo Atoyan
Kamo Atoyan
Oil painting

40 x 50cm

RAINY DAY 03 by Oleksii Vylusk
Oleksii Vylusk
Oil painting

54 x 44cm

Top of the World 2 by Bonnie Lambert
Bonnie Lambert
Oil painting

102 x 76cm

Los Angeles Freeway at Night by Victoria Sukhasyan
Victoria Sukhasyan
Acrylic painting

28 x 36cm