Impressionistic art

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Florida Keys by Nadia Attura
Nadia Attura

51 x 51cm

Country Afternoon 240708 by Don Bishop
Don Bishop
Oil painting

30 x 30cm

Susurration by Darren Thompson
Darren Thompson
Oil painting

41 x 30cm

Riflessi di celo by Antonino Puliafico
Antonino Puliafico
Oil painting

160 x 137cm

Yachts at sunset by Anastasiia Valiulina
Anastasiia Valiulina
Oil painting

70 x 50cm

Scottish Waters by Julia  Rigby
Julia Rigby
Acrylic painting

100 x 80cm

Summer Cornfield with crows & Cornflowers by Teresa Tanner
Teresa Tanner
Mixed-media painting

61 x 61cm

Spring in the Dales by Julia  Rigby
Julia Rigby
Acrylic painting

38 x 38cm

yellow lemons on yellow plate by Olivier Payeur
Olivier Payeur
Oil painting

26 x 26cm

Grey day on the beach by the Pier Framed by Teresa Tanner
Teresa Tanner

25 x 25cm

Midsummer at Malin Head by Emma Cownie
Emma Cownie
Acrylic painting

50 x 40cm

Aurora Waves by Lana Guise Zecchini
Lana Guise Zecchini
Acrylic painting

124 x 64cm