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Emilialana 4 by Romuald Mulk Musiolik
Romuald Mulk Musiolik
Oil painting

90 x 120cm

The ephemeral is not here to stay by Federica Belloli
Federica Belloli
Acrylic painting

40 x 50cm

Things Will Get Better by Julia Swaby
Julia Swaby
Oil painting

207 x 120cm

In light by Victoria Cozmolici
Victoria Cozmolici
Oil painting

30 x 30cm

Pearlescent Morning on the Lake with Water Lilies by Ole Karako
Ole Karako
Oil painting

210 x 110cm

Sunrise from Knucklas by Stuart Roper
Stuart Roper
Acrylic painting

80 x 40cm

Birds CCXXXVIII - Sparrow by REME Jr.

21 x 22cm

Spring in progress by Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Oil painting

182 x 61cm

Don’t Cry II by Rashna Hackett
Rashna Hackett
Acrylic painting

183 x 94cm

LBDS by Michelle Parsons
Michelle Parsons
Oil painting

50 x 70cm

Bird CCXL by REME Jr.

21 x 22cm

Segregation #8 by Pavel Kuragin
Pavel Kuragin
Mixed-media painting

42 x 52cm