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The human figure between trees by Silvia Beneforti
Silvia Beneforti
Oil painting

21 x 30cm

Agaves and Palm Trees, California by Suren Nersisyan
Suren Nersisyan
Oil painting

91 x 61cm

Cypress Trees in the Morning by Suren Nersisyan
Suren Nersisyan
Oil painting

61 x 91cm

Warm Sunset with Trees. by Veta  Barker
Veta Barker
Oil painting

76 x 76cm

The Coming Home Trees by Joanne Spencer
Joanne Spencer

30 x 30cm

The One Tree by Lynne Douglas
Lynne Douglas

81 x 81cm

Lonely tree by Volodymyr Smoliak
Volodymyr Smoliak
Oil painting

70 x 50cm

Willow Tree Reflections by Zoe Elizabeth Norman
Zoe Elizabeth Norman
Oil painting

101 x 76cm

Now £3600
Plane trees and evening. by Nicola Ost * N.Swiristuhin
Nicola Ost * N.Swiristuhin
Oil painting

37 x 27cm

Rainbow lorikeets on pink blossoming gumtree (Corymbia tree) by Irina Redine
Irina Redine
Acrylic painting

53 x 53cm

Trees In Soft Evening Light by Marc Todd
Marc Todd
Acrylic painting

91 x 61cm

Colour Infrared Coming Home Trees by Paul Nash
Paul Nash

61 x 41cm