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Enjoying & Suffering Passions by Guilherme Pontes
Guilherme Pontes

32 x 45cm

Allow suffering to speak - The Lord of Cruelty - Tarot by Artemisia
Ink drawing

40 x 60cm

Suffering in Gaza by Caroline Millott
Caroline Millott
Oil painting

70 x 50cm

Little bit shy - THE SUFFERING SILENCE by Wadih Maalouf
Wadih Maalouf
Acrylic painting

80 x 80cm

Of Suffering by Marco Paludet
Marco Paludet
Pencil drawing

50 x 50cm

Suffering state terrorism during the plandemic by Marcel Garbi
Marcel Garbi

93 x 70cm

her suffering by Miso Filipovac
Miso Filipovac
Pencil drawing

70 x 45cm

THE SICK by Paola Imposimato
Paola Imposimato
Pencil drawing

33 x 48cm

Chronic pain by Cécile Pardigon
Cécile Pardigon
Oil painting

50 x 50cm

Don't go. I'll Die by Samantha Han
Samantha Han
Gouache painting

43 x 29cm

Gaza (1) by Bernd Rieve
Bernd Rieve

42 x 30cm

Collateral Damage by Karen Wilcox
Karen Wilcox

40 x 30cm

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