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Alter Ego (psychological monochrome painting) - 20x20cm by Anna Soghomonyan
Anna Soghomonyan
Acrylic painting

25 x 25cm

Psychological portrait of a fossil by Przemek Kręt
Przemek Kręt
Charcoal drawing

50 x 42cm

psychological echo by Siniša Alujević
Siniša Alujević
Oil painting

42 x 30cm

Psychological Horse after Malraux by William Alexander
William Alexander
Acrylic painting

181 x 121cm

The Illusion of Freedom: the Rorschach trap by David Gill
David Gill
Digital Art (Giclée)

30 x 42cm

Waiting Around, Nothing To Do by Kiel Mitchell
Kiel Mitchell
Oil painting

76 x 102cm

Grandmother's Apples by Valeriia Radziievska
Valeriia Radziievska
Oil painting

60 x 90cm

Emotion:__________________ by Steven M. Curtis
Steven M. Curtis
Oil painting

41 x 30cm

Family by Dominic Virtosu
Dominic Virtosu
Oil painting

150 x 206cm

I Can See For Myself by Sal Jones
Sal Jones
Oil painting

54 x 64cm

"Disconnect" by Preston M. Smith (PMS)
Preston M. Smith (PMS)
Oil painting

61 x 76cm

Untitled (Reflections series) by Linda Wallentine
Linda Wallentine
Gouache painting

46 x 61cm