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KITE MAN by db Waterman
db Waterman
Mixed-media painting

50 x 65cm

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland by Julia  Rigby
Julia Rigby
Acrylic painting

44 x 44cm

"Portrait of a young man in a mask" by Lena Vylusk
Lena Vylusk
Oil painting

50 x 70cm

Portrait of a man by Ranga J
Ranga J

18 x 23cm

O Man by Holly Bennett
Holly Bennett

13 x 14cm

Man & Dog by Tim Southall
Tim Southall
Etching / Engraving

25 x 19cm

Man in the clouds by paolo beneforti
paolo beneforti

24 x 30cm

Half Man by Dominique Dève
Dominique Dève
Acrylic painting

21 x 29cm

Man by Eugene Segal
Eugene Segal
Oil painting

50 x 70cm

Sartfield Road, Isle of Man by Max Aitken
Max Aitken
Acrylic painting

38 x 28cm

Woman and Man ~ Night and Day by Phyllis Mahon
Phyllis Mahon
Mixed-media painting

30 x 40cm

Man in a Blue Jumper by Adam Grose MA RWAAN
Adam Grose MA RWAAN
Oil painting

18 x 13cm