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Who was afraid of the Lion King by Cristina Stefan
Cristina Stefan
Acrylic painting

23 x 30cm

Colorful Lion Majesty by Liubov Kuptsova
Liubov Kuptsova
Oil painting

60 x 60cm

Lion XXL Abstract Acrylic Painting Textured Modern Artwork for Studio Living Room Hotel by JuliaP Art
JuliaP Art
Acrylic painting

99 x 99cm

Proud Lion by David Lacey
David Lacey

44 x 64cm

Stately. Watercolour Lion Painting on paper. 42cm x 59.4cm. Free Shipping by Steven Shaw
Steven Shaw

42 x 59cm

Portrait of a lion by Sabrina’s Art
Sabrina’s Art

32 x 44cm

Lion by Sabrina’s Art
Sabrina’s Art

40 x 29cm

Free Lion by Ksenia Lutsenko
Ksenia Lutsenko

41 x 32cm

Lion relaxing by Paul Nash
Paul Nash

51 x 51cm

Lion by Kirsh
Oil painting

125 x 125cm

Lion's head 4 by Goran Žigolić Watercolors
Goran Žigolić Watercolors

35 x 50cm

Lion portrait by Kovács Anna Brigitta
Kovács Anna Brigitta

25 x 33cm