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The Charcoal Fox by Eyedetic

30 x 40cm

Fox Trot by Jane Daniell
Jane Daniell
Etching / Engraving

23 x 32cm

Fox at Sunset by Patricia Clements
Patricia Clements
Pastel drawing

74 x 53cm

The red fox between leaves by Silvia Beneforti
Silvia Beneforti
Oil painting

11 x 15cm

The Fox on the Beach at Dusk by Nigel Sharman
Nigel Sharman
Oil painting

46 x 46cm

Red Fox by Daria Maier
Daria Maier

35 x 50cm

Winter fox and the northern lights by Gordon Bruce
Gordon Bruce
Oil painting

50 x 50cm

Mr. and Msr. Fox: A Victorian Tale by Olga Beliaeva Watercolour
Olga Beliaeva Watercolour

28 x 38cm

Winter fox by Gordon Bruce
Gordon Bruce
Oil painting

30 x 41cm

Fox Dream by Vio Valova
Vio Valova
Oil painting

60 x 30cm

Fox by Julie Dyer
Julie Dyer
Etching / Engraving

28 x 18cm

Autumn Fox by alissa mihai
alissa mihai

20 x 30cm