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Floating by Lara Broecke
Lara Broecke

25 x 25cm

Floating Vitality by Carolin Goedeke
Carolin Goedeke
Mixed-media painting

24 x 32cm

Floating Thoughts by Ana Hefco
Ana Hefco
Acrylic painting

61 x 61cm

Clouds are floating by Ludmila Budanov
Ludmila Budanov
Oil painting

80 x 100cm

Floating Atmospere II by Fintan Whelan
Fintan Whelan
Oil painting

105 x 105cm

The Floating Butcher - Signed Limited Edition by Serge Horta
Serge Horta

62 x 42cm

Floating tiger by Simona Tsvetkova
Simona Tsvetkova
Oil painting

50 x 55cm

Floating world by Marina Del Pozo
Marina Del Pozo
Ink drawing

30 x 40cm

Floating by DIF | Diletta Innocenti Fagni
DIF | Diletta Innocenti Fagni
Oil painting

50 x 60cm

Floating Away by Guy  Pickford
Guy Pickford
Oil painting

33 x 33cm

Floating Lava by Sara Hoque
Sara Hoque
Mixed-media painting

52 x 62cm

Floating Sunlight by Prashant Prabhu
Prashant Prabhu

76 x 56cm