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Nothing, nothing by Rory Mitchell
Rory Mitchell
Oil painting

18 x 24cm

The Yellow Road by James Earley
James Earley
Oil painting

70 x 100cm

CANVAS 204 by Frantisek Florian
Frantisek Florian
Acrylic painting

125 x 80cm

Gone with the wind by Vanessa Poutou
Vanessa Poutou
Oil painting

50 x 70cm

Alone In New York by James Earley
James Earley
Oil painting

46 x 36cm

Stiff Arm by Darren Thompson
Darren Thompson
Oil painting

41 x 30cm

Poli by the Shore by Lisa Lennon
Lisa Lennon

29 x 42cm

DOUBLE BOW NOIR Palm Springs CA by William Dey
William Dey

46 x 56cm

Apocalypse Wheel by Kateryna Goncharova
Kateryna Goncharova
Mixed-media painting

255 x 175cm

Stufa by Viola Caltabiano
Viola Caltabiano
Acrylic painting

31 x 41cm

Sailing Dreams by Shabs  Beigh
Shabs Beigh
Ink drawing

28 x 33cm

Guto's Last Race by David W. J. Lloyd
David W. J. Lloyd
Acrylic painting

38 x 28cm