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mimosa and blue decanter by Yuliia Pastukhova
Yuliia Pastukhova
Oil painting

40 x 30cm

Glass decanter and lemons by Olena Kucher
Olena Kucher
Oil painting

40 x 50cm

Flowers and decanters by Marina Gorkaeva
Marina Gorkaeva
Mixed-media painting

61 x 43cm

Decanters by Olya Hunyadi
Olya Hunyadi
Oil painting

51 x 51cm

Still life with a decanter by Liudmyla Chemodanova
Liudmyla Chemodanova

21 x 30cm

Still life of glass decanter and different glass dishes on a table. Original still Life in watercolor. (2020) by Samira Yanushkova
Samira Yanushkova

56 x 37cm

Daffodils with a glass decanter by Richard Meyer
Richard Meyer
Oil painting

77 x 51cm

Crystal Glassware 2023 by Olena Kucher
Olena Kucher
Oil painting

32 x 44cm

Still life oil painting of an antique mirror and other items by Julian Lovegrove Art
Julian Lovegrove Art
Oil painting

30 x 25cm

Crystal and Roses by Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Acrylic painting

20 x 20cm

Watermelon by Albina Urbanek
Albina Urbanek
Oil painting

33 x 41cm

Emerald apples by Liubov Samoilova
Liubov Samoilova
Oil painting

40 x 30cm