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Christmas Wreath and Candlelight Watercolor Painting Festive Holiday Scene by Ion Sheremet
Ion Sheremet

40 x 30cm

Candlelight Lunch by Viktoriya Richardson
Viktoriya Richardson
Acrylic painting

61 x 61cm

Candlelight IV by Kaz  Jones
Kaz Jones
Acrylic painting

34 x 29cm

Candlelight bar (large) by Michael Schwan
Michael Schwan

130 x 90cm

By Candlelight by Isabel Mahe
Isabel Mahe
Oil painting

38 x 46cm

Candlelight by Nemanja Nikolic
Nemanja Nikolic
Acrylic painting

91 x 91cm

By Candlelight by Mirek Kuzniar
Mirek Kuzniar
Oil painting

40 x 50cm

By the candlelight, ink on paper 29x21 cm by Frederic Belaubre
Frederic Belaubre
Ink drawing

21 x 29cm

"  Divination by candlelight", original acrylic painting on jute canvas 480g/m², 50x70 cm, ready to hang by Elena Kraft
Elena Kraft
Acrylic painting

50 x 70cm

Through the Window by Isabel Mahe
Isabel Mahe
Oil painting

51 x 73cm

Lambent Seeker by Lee Campbell
Lee Campbell
Oil painting

50 x 40cm

Magdalene with Lace by Simon Jones
Simon Jones
Mixed-media painting

60 x 84cm