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Butterfly Bush by Marian Carter
Marian Carter
Etching / Engraving

38 x 47cm

Gigantic xxl huge size 200 cm painting Between a whale song and a broken butterfly wing master O Kloska by Kloska Ovidiu
Kloska Ovidiu
Acrylic painting

200 x 150cm

Peacock Butterfly by Olga Shefranov (Tchefranov)
Olga Shefranov (Tchefranov)

36 x 25cm

Butterfly by Olga Shefranov (Tchefranov)
Olga Shefranov (Tchefranov)

25 x 29cm

Dancing Butterflies by Guy  Pickford
Guy Pickford
Oil painting

45 x 50cm

Now £150
BUTTERFLIES by Johnny Karwan
Johnny Karwan
Acrylic painting

28 x 36cm

Nesting Butterfly by Anna Andreadi
Anna Andreadi
Bronze sculpture

40 x 55cm

Set of 2 relief palette knife paintings for nursery, bedroom  - landscape with firebird , flowers, butterfly, ORIGINAL TEXTURED WALL RELIEF, DECOR, HOME DECOR, GIFT IDEA, dark, pink, yellow30x42x4 cm by Irina Stepanova
Irina Stepanova
Mixed-media sculpture

30 x 42cm

Now £387
Butterfly by Karen Axikyan
Karen Axikyan

25 x 49cm

Butterfly Dance by Marian Carter
Marian Carter

28 x 24cm

Golden butterfly by Federico Cortese
Federico Cortese
Oil painting

35 x 28cm

Cocoons And Butterflies by Roberto Munguia Garcia
Roberto Munguia Garcia
Oil painting

61 x 46cm