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Origins by Jeff Rosenfeld
Jeff Rosenfeld
Stone sculpture

51 x 42cm

"Catwalk III" by Stevlin Yovchev
Stevlin Yovchev

18 x 90cm

Now £2179
Iron Trap by Gastone Cecconello
Gastone Cecconello
Mixed-media sculpture

24 x 56cm

"Blue Flower" by Rossitza Trendafilova
Rossitza Trendafilova
Clay sculpture

12 x 24cm

Silk Shell by Martin Harman
Martin Harman
Clay sculpture

24 x 24cm

Convex spaces Tauro 3 by Roberto Canduela Luengo
Roberto Canduela Luengo

19 x 23cm

‘JUST OFF SQUARE 2’ by Paula Downing
Paula Downing
Clay sculpture

16 x 15cm

mobile blue by Raphael Daden
Raphael Daden
Mixed-media sculpture

20 x 80cm

Larmo - vase by Art en Vidre "Ingrid Solé"
Art en Vidre "Ingrid Solé"

15 x 26cm

Icy Radiation by LetovBarski ArtLab
LetovBarski ArtLab

72 x 72cm

Singin' in the raindrop by LetovBarski ArtLab
LetovBarski ArtLab

52 x 52cm

"Obelisk" by Nikola Tsvetanov
Nikola Tsvetanov
Wood sculpture

24 x 52cm

Now £945