Still life paintings

Let your walls do the talking with an original painting from one of the world's most talented independent painters. Shop still life pieces that jump right off the canvas.

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Cherry by REME Jr.

25 x 20cm

Apples and Oranges by Joshua Daniels
Joshua Daniels
Oil painting

74 x 94cm

Apples by Pascal Giroud
Pascal Giroud
Oil painting

30 x 20cm

Lemons with butterflies by Jean-Pierre Walter
Jean-Pierre Walter
Oil painting

66 x 36cm

Clemlentines by Pascal Giroud
Pascal Giroud
Oil painting

20 x 15cm

Stacked cups with oranges by Nithya Swaminathan
Nithya Swaminathan
Oil painting

23 x 30cm

The Lemon and Snowflake by Andrejs Ko
Andrejs Ko
Acrylic painting

41 x 51cm

"Tango for two" by Lena Vylusk
Lena Vylusk
Oil painting

40 x 60cm

Lemon on cloth still life by Jane Palmer Art
Jane Palmer Art
Oil painting

28 x 37cm

Red And Green Grapes With Glass by Joseph Lynch
Joseph Lynch
Acrylic painting

31 x 26cm

Grevillea Symphony by HSIN LIN
Acrylic painting

75 x 75cm

Vase Composition II’24 by Milena Paladino
Milena Paladino
Mixed-media painting

64 x 77cm