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Snail therapy by Natalia Pastuszenko
Natalia Pastuszenko
Ink drawing

16 x 24cm

Minori, Amalfi coast. View from the sea. Cities of my dreams series. Medium oil pastel drawing bright colors italy by Sasha Romm
Sasha Romm
Pastel drawing

40 x 35cm

Surreal Pattern n.22 - Blue Florals by Veronika Demenko
Veronika Demenko
Ink drawing

21 x 21cm

NGC 7293 Study by Hannah Pratt
Hannah Pratt

22 x 22cm

Days Gone - Mari Morgan's Proposition by David W. J. Lloyd
David W. J. Lloyd
Pencil drawing

15 x 21cm

Cat acrobatics by Natalia Pastuszenko
Natalia Pastuszenko
Ink drawing

15 x 21cm

Vintage Scissors III by Veronica Lamb
Veronica Lamb
Ink drawing

42 x 30cm

A Watchful Eye by Gemma Duffield
Gemma Duffield
Pencil drawing

56 x 33cm

PAPERIMENTS – 5.3 by Yan Anikev
Yan Anikev
Ink drawing

30 x 42cm

Abstract drawing # 13, with impossible figure by Stanislav Vederskyi
Stanislav Vederskyi
Ink drawing

21 x 30cm

a very snowy day by Alexandra Sergeeva
Alexandra Sergeeva
Pastel drawing

21 x 30cm

Eternal Emptiness by Angela Cerottino
Angela Cerottino
Pencil drawing

35 x 25cm