Pastel drawings

Explore perfectly pigmented pastel pieces.

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Workers on the smoking break by Ann Zhuleva
Ann Zhuleva
Pastel drawing

30 x 21cm

Green field by Louise Gillard
Louise Gillard
Pastel drawing

18 x 24cm

Birch Reflections by Joanna Farrow
Joanna Farrow
Pastel drawing

48 x 40cm

Dandelions 6`24 by Silja Salmistu
Silja Salmistu
Pastel drawing

30 x 30cm

Rolling Dales by Andrew Moodie
Andrew Moodie
Pastel drawing

40 x 30cm

Peaches and Leaves by Dietrich Moravec
Dietrich Moravec
Pastel drawing

40 x 30cm

Garden hose. by John Cottee
John Cottee
Pastel drawing

56 x 76cm

View to Tryfan, Wales by Elizabeth Anne Fox
Elizabeth Anne Fox
Pastel drawing

42 x 30cm

Landscape With Tree by Milica Radović
Milica Radović
Pastel drawing

35 x 25cm

A summer of more joy by Tetiana Zozulenko
Tetiana Zozulenko
Pastel drawing

30 x 40cm

Dry Grass over the river by Elena Genkin
Elena Genkin
Pastel drawing

40 x 30cm

Look through the water by Inna Medvedeva
Inna Medvedeva
Pastel drawing

50 x 65cm