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Collage_242_Pop portrait by Manel Villalonga
Manel Villalonga

46 x 55cm

"BREATHE" series, #03 by VENELINOV
Oil painting

24 x 33cm

Ballet Dancer CDLXXXVII by REME Jr.

25 x 35cm

Meeting (2024) by Elena Troyanskaya
Elena Troyanskaya
Oil painting

31 x 31cm

"Present" by Lena Vylusk
Lena Vylusk
Oil painting

25 x 35cm

"Trees In Dream" by Silvia Pavlova
Silvia Pavlova

25 x 25cm

Antique cat by Elizabeth Vlasova
Elizabeth Vlasova
Ink drawing

36 x 28cm

Dessert in the desert by Ann Zhuleva
Ann Zhuleva
Pastel drawing

30 x 42cm

Now £52
Viceroy butterfly by Lene Bladbjerg
Lene Bladbjerg
Acrylic painting

13 x 18cm

620 - The Solitude of the Canned Animals - ANCHOIS by Paolo Andrea Deandrea
Paolo Andrea Deandrea
Acrylic painting

20 x 26cm

The Danger of being Male by Mariann Johansen-Ellis
Mariann Johansen-Ellis

41 x 56cm

Pink mist by Victoria Cozmolici
Victoria Cozmolici
Oil painting

30 x 24cm