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"- Many years ago, dragons ruled the earth. When people appeared, dragons forever gave up power, sharing wisdom with people and vowing to help them. Dragon souls that remained faithful to the oath turned into stars. They still remain in heaven, inspiring peace in those who look up to the sky. "©
Legends about these amazing fantastic animals since childhood have fascinated me and inspired me to create this picture.
This aspect of the image of the dragon itself and the frame for the picture was not chosen by chance. I would like for you, when you look at her, to get the impression that this mighty animal looks out of your window to make sure everything is okay while it guards your house outside.
The picture is painted with oil paints on a canvas with a stretcher. Dressed in a beautiful frame and ready to hang on the wall. The painting is varnished to preserve the loss of color and dust.

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The power of the dragon`s soul (2019)


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This artwork is sold by Anna Shabalova from Ukraine

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