Artwork description:

*Item not sold separately from the "Essences of Christmas" collection

The star anise (Illicium Verum, latin) is frequently used in the distilling of liquors and amongst all spices it is surely one of the most aesthetically intriguing. Its star shape inevitably brings Christmas to mind and using it as a flavour in our cooking or as a decoration for our dishes makes everything feel more festive.
It is aesthetically perfect for drawing, its wooden follicule made up of eight and sometimes twelve lobes resmebling the rays of a star, that contain each a shiny seed, make it an extremely interesting spice to draw.

Materials used:

Caran D'Ache colored pencils on 250grams smooth paper


#pencil drawing  #katya santoro  #the flowers artist  #christmas sweets  #vintage style drawing  #christmas decorations  #christmas cake  #star anise  #ouzo mini  #pastis 

Anice Stellato (Star Anise)* (2019)


This artwork is sold by Katya Santoro from Italy

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