Artwork description:

This piece delves into the push and pull of identity, possession, and worth. I am fascinated by how removed one can get by clinging to lifestyles that narrow experience and perspective. The woman in this painting is balanced between a natural world and a superficial world, but is still conflicted. The desire to commit wholeheartedly to the subjective nature of either creates a tension where being balanced is impossible. We all have our leanings, i.e. you want to be rich, famous, talented, or you want to live sparse, in commune with nature, and free of possessions. The key is there is a balance and that comes with knowing oneself and being able to conjure the courage to pursue that which is calling you, and fulfills you.

Materials used:

Acrylic and ink


#world view  #spearworts  #modern women portrait  #nature  #interior design  #women  #kitchen  #emotions  #lifestyle  #fishing harbour  #kitchen korner  #emotions and dreams  #conflict  #spears  #gender equality 

The Catch (2017)


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