Artwork description:

The Florentin is a maze of Levantine streets in the south of Tel Aviv. I was fascinated by it, intoxicated by its smells, heady whiffs of coriander and mint and cooking oil, and crumbling architecture, peeling layers of concrete and masonry, rotted by brine and pollution . I have known this city most of my life, it is a second home to me, enticing and familiar. I have been both a young man here, and a middle aged one. I have seen the city mushroom and modernise, towers of glass and black marble rising like shoots of bamboo. But in the Florentin, here we find the soul of old Tel Aviv, as it once was. This cheering work depicts a row of shops in the area. The canvas is deep enough to hang without the need for further framing. It is a perfect souvenir and a perfect gift.

Materials used:



#florentin  #florentin quarter  #tatty building  #south tel aviv  #people  #buildings  #street scene  #andrew reid wildman  #street corner  #israel  #street view  #israeli architecture  #tel aviv  #terraced shops israel 

Tel Aviv, Florentin (2017)


This artwork is sold by Andrew Reid Wildman from France

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