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Lord Shiva is Parmeshwar, Supreme personality,Jagad Guru, Jagat Pita, after Lord Vishnu. He is the Master of all Graha Nakshtras and Bhoot Pret, Pisach and other Supernatural Powers. All are under his command. That is why, he is also named as Bhuteshwar and Nageshwar. He is also the king of all dancing knowledge & is an expert in the thandava dance. He is also named as Natraj.

Story Behind Tandav Dance:- Once the King of demons of Lanka, proud Raavan conquered the entire earth and he even approached Mountain Kailas on top of which Lord Shiva resides with his consort Goddess Parvati. Raavan used to go to Kailash Parvat every day for the darshan of his Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was also pleased with his Bhakta Raavan.

So, Raavan reached Kailah and called Lord Shiva to come down. But Lord Shiva was busy in his meditation so, did not care at the word of Raavan. Enraged much at this attitude of Lord Shiva, Raavan uprooted the mountain Kailash with his twenty hands. When Mata Parvati watched this action of Raavan, she became raged. But Lord Shiva noticed this scenerio in his meditation and he pressed down the mountain with his right feet toe. At the pressing of little side of toe, Ravana hand was crushed by the weight of the mountain. Raavan immediately accepted his fault before Lord Shiva and began to sing Stotram in praise of Lord Shiva. At the Stuti of Raavan, Lord Shiva was pleased and pardoned the fault of his Bhakta. Raavan sang the song from Sama Veda and this great stotra composed by him is called Raavan Stotram also.

At this, Lord Shiva began to dance that is called Tandavam. This is unique and vigorous style of dancing. When Lord Shiva was pleased or enraged, he danced in very strange situation is called Tandavam. When Lord Sri Ram worshiped him, at Rameshwaram, Lord Shiva was pleased and danced. When Sri Krishan reached the top of mountain and worshiped Lord Shiva, he danced in strange style is called Tandavam. Once he had danced in difficult situation for killing of demon. Such dance is not possible for any other god. /Jai Sri Ram/

Lord Shiva is Nataraja, the supreme lord of dance.The Dance performed by Lord Shiva is known as Tandava.Shiva is believed to assume two states – the samadhi (Superconscious) state and the tandav or lasya dance state. Thesamadhi state is his nirgun (Non-materialised) and tandav or lasya dance state is his sagun (Materialised) state. Shiva Nataraja plays the role of bringing about activity in the universe through the commencement of His dance and merging the visible and invisible Creation into Himself when He stops it.

Nataraj’s dance is considered to represent the five actions of God, namely Creation, Sustenance, Dissolution, the covering of the Great Illusion and initiation (God’s grace to get liberated from the Great Illusion).The tandava performed with joy is called Ananda Tandava and performed in violent mood is calledRudra Tandava. There are 7 types of Tandava- Ananda Tandava, Tripura Tandava, Sandhya Tandava, Samara Tandava, Kaali tandava, Uma Tandava and Gauri Tandava. Tandava has vigorous, brisk movements.The dance performed by Goddess Parvathi is known as Lasya, in which the movements are gentle, graceful and sometimes erotic also.

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This artwork is sold by Anand Swaroop manchiraju from India

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