Artwork description:

This image consists of a doll I found during a walk and thought about how it was lost or discarded - no longer played with. Was it thrown out, lost during a day out or did it escape from somewhere looking for their owner? It made me think about childhood and our movement away from things that are integral to our development as a toddler to childhood. Games played, stories told, re-enactments played out until our teenage years and our move away from such objects - becoming memories and one of many ghosts within our mind.

The painting is made with many layers of paint applied and dry-brushed over to give the effect of memory; of something half-remembered or forgotten, a ghostly appearance.

Materials used:

Oil Paint on Canvas Board


#development  #stuff  #remembering  #delightful memories  #painting  #childhood  #oil  #mind  #toys  #objects  #star spangled banner  #dolls  #toys from the past 

Ghost Doll (2013)


This artwork is sold by Adam Grose MA RWAAN from United Kingdom

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