Artwork description:

This art work belongs to an ongoing series of abstract paper works.

I combined several techniques and medias like graphite and charcoal, acrylic paint and spray paint ( I created the collage pieces separately with spray paint and pencil ).
By passing on radiant colors and by the use of graphite and charcoal I wanted to create a rough and at the same time elegant expression with a mystical appeal.

As for most of the art works it is all about balance: For this piece I worked with interference color to let this balance change with the light. When the almost translucent color changes into a bright blue (according to the light) it also changes the proportions of the image.

The work is embossed (see pic.) and signed on the back.

I would recommend a generous off-white passepartout and a simple frame.


#paper works  #cosmic mystery  #abstract  #minimalism  #drawing  #geometric  #architectural  #one of a kind art  #unique work of art  #vivid colors  #glitter  #under 100  #camouflage  #decent elegancy  #brown paper 

geometric study 9 [balance] (2017)


This artwork is sold by Nancy Marisa Arlt from Germany

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