Work It! Kids

Work It! Kids

Doing art is hard when you've got responsibilities. Here's a Top Five of our artists doing their best to ignore (sorry, inspire) a younger generation...

1. Tihomir Cirkvencic

Croatian artist Tihomir Cirkvencic makes a valiant effort to balance sketching with a family day out to the seaside. Beautiful scenery, fun for the kids, what could possibly go wrong?


2. Jenny McCabe

Jenny McCabe is a printmaker and illustrator based in Lancaster in the UK. Alongside her own practice, she runs community printing projects. Here she is showing the next generation what to do with a squeegee...


3. Dorota Janczar

Polish artist Dorota Janczar feels inspired by her daughter, who can be seen here doing her best to tidy up after mum in the studio.


4. Alexander Koltakov

Maximum points for cuteness, Toronto-based artist Alexander Koltakov works on his painting 'Spring Stream 2' whilst his newborn daughter peeps over his shoulder. We think that's a smile...


5. Anne Baudequin

French artist Anne Baudequin says her four children grew up at the foot of her easel. In each plein air landscape painting are memories of games, objects found or feet in the water. She loves this life around her when she paint, it gives her the right distance to her subject, allows her to stay in the impression.

Hero Image: 'Peek a Boo Time' by Dee Sweeney

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