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Unusual wall art: Make your home pop

Unusual wall art: Make your home pop

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind piece? To cover up that plain and boring wall, invest in a piece of unusual wall art. It can be anything from paintings and collages to sculptures and reliefs. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Here, we highlight five materials that make for unusual art. Go ahead and discover the good, the interesting and the bizarre.

Gold leaf galore

Gold leaf is available in both thinly hammered real gold and imitation gold made from copper and zinc. Originally used for gilding, artists such as Klimt used gold leaf in their work to radiate that iconic golden glow they're so well known for. Many Artfinder artists also experiment with gold leaf - Areti Ampi, frequently incorporates gold leaf into her abstract pieces for that extra bit of sparkle.

Found objects and trinkets

Finding random items in thrift shops, recycling used objects or even salvaging items from garbage make for an unusual and sustainable twist.

Fabrics, paper, newspapers and found objects are all fair game in mixed media art. Jon Garbet and Salty De Soufflé incorporates cuttings from old books and magazines, vintage paintings and found objects to create their playfully surreal collages.

Bold abstraction with a twist

Abstracted landscapes or cityscapes are kicked-up a notch with the inclusion of a few surprise materials such as sand, grout or even sponge. You could incorporate one giant piece of unusual wall art as a statement piece, or a few smaller pieces of contrasting textures to create a gallery wall.

Kate Rattray uses cement board and glass to get that rough, three-dimensional look for her complex abstracts.

Ready-to-hang sculptures

Take sculpture a step further with ready-to-hang sculptures and reliefs. Your home does not need to rival Notre Dame or Saint Peter's Basilica in order to house a relief either - these days, contemporary reliefs can be as large or little as your wall can fit.

Liam Roberts' geometric relief series are an affordable way to inject a point of difference to your space.

Cool collages

First used as an experimental medium in the early 20th century, collages are now one of the most versatile mediums and can include magazine and newspaper clippings, photographs, paper, rope, hair - anything you can imagine!

Teis Albers's collages are great examples of how artists can use multiple media - such as photography, pastels, chalk and ink - to create pieces you simply can't take your eyes off.

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*Cover image via Nikolay Boyadzhiev

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