Top 5 tips on getting your store found

Top 5 tips on getting your store found

You know that your art stops traffic, but sometimes it might feel that you’ve hit a roadblock en route to more followers and loves. Although there is no one formula to get your page views up, or gain followers, you can put the peddle to the metal and start turning heads before you even publish your work. Improving your visibility is easier than it looks! Just read up on our top 5 tips on getting your store found here.

1 - Tag your listings

Try to describe yourself in one word.

Let me guess, that was really hard! Just like you, there's so much more to your art than people can see or imagine, so why not help them discover your work by adding keywords to your listings?

This is called tagging, and your tags are simply words that people might be searching for.

To learn more on how to become a regular tagger, visit our Knowledge Base here.

2 - Choose your categories wisely

Now that you've finished your work of art, you want to share it immediately.

It's best to put the breakers on here, and remember that in order to find the perfect buyer, you need to imagine how they will find your work on the site.

They do this by searching artwork categories. Choosing the right artwork category is the first and most important step, so make sure you go through the category tree here.

Don't forget that describing your art comes next. So that your buyers, and followers know exactly how you've made your art work, follow our top tips on creating great listings.

3 - Getting on Artfinder Latest

For those social media junkies, regularly sharing your newest art is easy.

Facebook, Twitter, you name it your artworks are on it.

If your strengths are creating works of art frequently, it might be worth listing these works on Artfinder so that your art shows up on Artfinder's Latest page.

Remember, you can also automate your social media with Artfinder. Learn more about this here.

4 - It's all about quality

One of the oldest saying's that will never die in our books is: 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

This is true for your artwork listings, and you're 100% more likely to get attention and interest from buyers if your artwork photography is professional.

Ann Marie Coolick proudly admires her seascape series, curated and lit up in such a professional way

Learn how to create artwork photography that sells.

5 - Make sure your store is ticking all the boxes

Building your listings, and sharing them is as important as the look and message of your entire store.

A great looking store is going to strengthen your hard work managing the necessary technical bits, so make sure you regularly take inventory and update the following:

1. Global shipping - choose international destinations, such as the UK, Australia and Canada. It is advisable to offer shipping worldwide to attract more buyers. Shipping cost should not be more than 15% of the artwork value.

2. About you - this can include your education, achievements and upcoming exhibitions. Buyers are interested in finding out more about you as an artist so tell them as much as you can!

3. Good artwork descriptions - for each listing, tell your audience what inspires you, and your techniques.

4. Multiple images in your artwork listings - these should be high quality images, and can include close ups as well as in-context images whereby you show the work hanging on a wall, or next to objects so buyers can visualise the scale. We suggest adding 3-4 to make for a fuller store!

5. Me at work - include 3-4 images in your Me at work section. Artists with contextual Me at Work images are more likely to sell, as it helps the customer relate to you and your work. Consider adding images from your studio, places that inspire you, or of you at work.

6. Minimum of 6 artworks in your store - we advise all artists to aim to open their shop with at least 6 artworks. This helps your shop look complete, and gives customers a better idea of your style and themes

Remember, your dedicated support team is eager to help you optimise your store and give you feedback. Learn more about how you can complete your store and add the finishing touches here.

Cover image: courtesy of Paolo Borile

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