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  Treat your home  
10% off EVERYTHING* code: ARTFORALL10  ·  15% off $1000+ code: ARTFORALL15
  Treat your home  
10% off EVERYTHING* code: ARTFORALL10  ·  15% off $1000+ code: ARTFORALL15

New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

Here at Artfinder HQ, we have a fair few New Year's Resolutions (though Carolynne Coulson has already helped us to break one of them...). Make updating your Artfinder Shop part of your New Year's Resolutions and reap the benefits!

Show your good side

Entice buyers into your shop by updating your 'Me at Work' images. Be as personal as you like - do you create somewhere unusual? Maybe you've been experimenting with different media over the holidays? Whether you're up to your elbows in oils or knee-deep in pencil shavings, these images will allow buyers to see the care and attention that you lavish on your artwork and the hard work that goes into your creative process.

Show us what you're up to and your images may feature in our new Work It! Blog Feature, which we promote across our social media channels.

Upload 'Me at Work' images

On the topic of social media...

If you haven't already branched out into social media, now is the time! Consider setting up a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account to showcase your works, and tag @artfinder in any posts so that we know what you're up to.

Linking your Artfinder listings to these social media outlets will help broaden your customer base and will allow potential customers to see how engaging and popular you and your artworks are! And if you need a little helping hand in growing your followers, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and we'll follow you back!

Also be sure to list these pages in your Artfinder profile so that we can tag you in any social media features that we run on you and your work.

Present your artworks in their best light

We know we place a lot of emphasis on this, but great photography really does work! Not only do excellent secondary images allow potential purchasers to explore the detail and textures in your work, they will allow them to make a more informed decision as to how your artwork may look in their home.

Well-composed, attractive secondary images are also more likely to be featured in our marketing emails and on our social media channels.

Read our guide to Secondary Images

Upload your latest work

Whether your pieces have taken a new direction or you've discovered new depths to your usual source of inspiration, we want to see what you've been getting up to! Uploading your work consistently and frequently is a surefire way to get your pieces noticed, by customers and Artfinder's curators alike.

Upload your latest work

Update us on your achievements!

What made 2015 special for you? Did you win any awards, or present your work at any exhibitions? Update the Exhibitions and Awards sections of your show how active you have been.

And, of course, you're very welcome to drop a line to our PR team to let us know what you achieved in 2015.

Upload your latest Exhibitions and Awards

Hero image courtesy of Peter Slade

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