Spotlight on Germany - 5 artists you need to know now

by Poppy Rooney

This week we turn our attention to the land of beer and Bratwurst as we look to Germany and our vibrant community of German artists. Join us as we delve into the shops of Khyatte Kanchan, Susanne Boehm, Roland Köpfer, Jolly Art and Michael Arndt and discover where they create, what they create and why.

1. Traditional techniques meets the modern woman

Based in Ulm, printmaker Khyatte Kanchan is brand new to Artfinder newbie and uses traditional linocutting techniques to depict modern women in ornate bathrooms and enchanted gardens influenced by Alice in Wonderland.

"Every print is hand pulled by me, and therefore proudly shows the various marks left from the rough surface of the lino block, which gives the piece of artwork that unique, handmade quality that only lino prints have. This is all part of the beauty of the medium and why I love lino printing."

'Girl On A Call' by Khyatee Kanchan, £65
Khyatee at work

2. Colours that POP!

Susanne Boehm is based in the town of Weinheim. A big fan of American Pop Art, Susanne's love of Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Alex Katz is clear to see in her paintings through her use of bright colours and geometric pattern. Her work explores everyday normality, and features anonymous faces and cities.

'Summer Time' by Susanne Boehem, £1,040
Susanne in her studio, stood next to a work in progress of two women looking through a window at the night sky

3. A medley of metallics

Wood carver, Roland Köpfer is based in Laufenburg. Roland has been working with wood since 2002 and takes inspiration from the organic forms and structures found in the material.

'Golden Section' by Köpfer Roland, £1,039
Köpfer working away on a sunny day in Germany

4. Jolly good colour

Hamburg-based painter Jolly Art's varied subject matter is united by her consistent use of bright, saturated, jolly colour (no pun intended). To create these eye catching birds, Jolly uses a highly pigmented impasto paint on canvas; the effect would brighten up any wall!

'Harmony Birds' by Jolly Art, £115
Jolly painting outside here house, enjoying the warm weather and figuring out her next brushstroke

5. Jack of all trades...

Giessen based painter Michael Arndt doesn't limit himself to one medium, creating pieces in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil. His abstract pieces explore the relationship between shape, line and colour, transforming the atmosphere and mood of the natural world into abstract paintings.

'Abstract #143 - Celtic Tumulus' by Michael Arndt, £178
Micheal painting outdoors on the island of Amrum

Enjoyed this small slice of Germany? Then discover many more artists hailing from the Vaterland in our collection, hand-selected by our team of Editors.

Hero image courtesy of [Khyatte Kanchan](/khyatee-kanchan

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