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5 artists flying the flag for Canada, that you need to know now.

In the first of our new blog series, we turn our attention to our vibrant community of Artfinder artists in Canada, where we discover so much more than maple trees. Discover 5 impressive artists from Toronto, Ontario, BC, and Calgary and discover inspiring landscapes, monochrome monoprints, vibrant street art, pointillism and seductive surrealism.

Want more? Our Editors have been hard at work unearthing even more Canadian talent in our collection of Canadian artists.

1. From rocky terrains to mountain tops...

Painter Edward Abela is based in Ontario. His colourful landscape paintings document his travels in Europe, America, Canada and Malta, from where he originates. Edward is a big fan of painting plein air and his shop showcases landscapes of towering mountains, still waters, dry rocky terrains and woodland. Discover Edward's work from £81!

'Gozo panorama Maltese Island' by Edward Abela, £488

Edward painting plein air at the Brickworks, Toronto

2. Can you see the rider?

BC-basedprintmakerSimon Shawn Andrews creates monochrome monoprints that explore themes such as birth, death, love, sacrifice, the afterlife, sin, loyalty and nature. Though most of Simon's work is completely abstract, it is possible to see and imagine figures and forms in the ambiguity .

'The rider' by Simon Shawn Andrews, £163

Simon in his printing studio

3. Urban styles and abstract acrylics

Victoria-based artist Benjamin Sterpin presents an unusual twist on street art. On his practice, Benjamin says "growing up in Toronto, there was always a strong presence of street art. I fell in love with the colours, the line work and the urban feel. I try to conceptualise urban styles with abstract acrylics. The use of different tools is an immense part of my work, I use knives, unusual brushes and anything that gives my work texture."

'Angles' by Benjamin Sterpin, £814

4. Looking for a landscape with a funky twist?

Check out Calagary-based nature enthusiast and artist Erin Brekke Conn to discover unique paintings of wildlife and landscapes. Conn describes her work as taking on an "otherwordly appearance". Her most dazzling works employ the application of pointillism, whereby thousands upon thousands of raised dots adorn the canvas.

'In my mind' by Erin Brekke Conne, £390

Erin Brekke Conn with a selection of her paintings

5. Surreal yet seductive

Columbian artist Alex Usquiano is currently based in Toronto. Using photo-manipulation Alex creates frankly bonkers compositions of the body, objects and obscure places by combining drawing, photography and digital paint.

'Sick muse' by Alex Usquiano, £289

Alex Usquiano

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