Artists in the News: Dee Brown

This Dutch painter sells out his Artfinder shop in first three weeks on the site

Nootdorp-based artist, Dee Brown, has blown records at Artfinder this month – selling all 14 of the original acrylic paintings he originally listed in his shop when he joined in January.

Dee joined Artfinder following the advice of Rotterdam-based artist Ronald Hunter, who he met through a friend.

Dee comments:

“I grew up in a very creative family in a village called Berkel & Rodenrijs, near Rotterdam. There are still about five paintings each of different aunts or uncles hanging in the stairwell at my parents’ house. At the age of five I slept over at my grandma's and got my first real canvas and oil paint to try out. But drawing was the thing I did most of the time. After finishing college, I went to the Art and Graphic school in Rotterdam. By that time my drawings were noticed by a greeting cards publisher and I got my first commissioned work soon after.

In those days every artwork or illustration was handmade with tools such as airbrush and pencil. It really taught me to develop my skills. In the years that followed I started to work with photoshop and Adobe illustrator for these drawings resulting in published work for Hallmark and Touche Cards amongst others. Working the digital way more and more for publishers and advertisers, I started to miss working with real ink and paint. So I started painting while still doing commissioned work. I tried so many styles and creative ideas under so many different names, but over the years I really started to create my own style. What defines my work is the use of earth tones and the raw edge which always comes back in the artworks. Woman are always a fascinating subject and to make a good abstract is harder then it looks.”

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