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Artists in the News: Carolynne Coulson

Artists in the News: Carolynne Coulson

Artfinder artist Carolynne Coulson has had her first solo exhibition at a new gallery, Rickwood’s, in Whitley Bay, near Newcastle, in the UK.

The couple who set up the gallery, David and Rachael Rickwood, lived in Doha for a year to save up to fund the venture. Because the were abroad, they had to research everything for the gallery online, and they found Carolynne through her Artfinder shop.

Carolynne says:

“Artfinder supports thousands of artists in over 100 countries. That a couple from the North East should find me through my Artfinder shop online, whilst living in Doha feels very appropriate somehow! I am delighted to have this opportunity for my first ever solo exhibition.”

Hero image: Rachael and David Rickwood at Carolynne's exhibition at their gallery

Visit Carolynne's Shop

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