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Artist musings: Scattered thoughts from an artist's notebook

The purpose of art. To interpret the world as a metaphor for something else... but what? The purpose of art is to say, show, make an individual listen to 'something else'. The painting is a metaphor of the world.

Critical spirit. To be wary of any influence but at the same time have enough self-confidence to act despite influences.

One does not escape oneself. But who or what is the self? Constant evolution.

The format of the painting generates tension and flourishes.

To be more modern than oneself.

While each brush stroke becomes keystone, each stroke of cloth becomes a vector of meaning (spatial direction, geometry of feelings). Removing a tiny bit means to start all over again.

The technique of thinking (memory, experience) is in the service of emotion.

What is already painted creates an emotion leading to what is going to be painted.

If sensory perception is the base of thought, then art, as a means of acting on sensory perception is also a means of acting on thought.

All images courtesy of Frederic Belaubre

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