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Artists in the News: Abi Whitlock

Artists in the News: Abi Whitlock

New Artfinder artist 23 year old Abi Whitlock sold her first painting to the US for £3,400 within hours of joining the site. Abi is based in Devon, in the UK and her painting 'Adrift' is one of a series of hyper-real acrylic paintings.

She said: “I’m completely overwhelmed! I joined Artfinder thinking that it would be useful for my profile. I certainly didn’t expect to sell anything in the first few days. This is definitely a really helpful first step for me in beginning a career as an artist.”

Her customer, Illinois-based Warren McElwain added:

"This painting is an absolutely remarkable work of art! It was shipped overseas, packaging was iron clad. Abi is a very talented artist."

Read the full story in the Exeter Daily

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Hero image: "Adrift" by Abi Whitlock

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