Ever wondered what a celebrity agent’s home looks like?

by Jane Verity

Ever wondered what the inside of a theatrical agent's house looks like? Wonder no more. "This house is so much a part of who I am," says Christina Shepherd, Managing Director of Shepherd Management, who has completely renovated her West London house. "I spent the first few years knocking down walls, opening up the space and bringing the light in. I'm a real magpie, I need to have light and to surround myself with things that I love."

Bring the outside in

"The kitchen is so light and bright now. I added the sky lights and the conservatory and I also put glass into the entrance to the kitchen door plus the old stained glass window, which I love."

Shop around

"This red chair is from Chiswick auctions - virtually all of my furniture is from auctions. I was immediately drawn to it. My great friend Ingrid gave me the cushion for my 60th birthday last October, because it reminded her of me."

Animal House

"We're animal crackers, my son and I - we've travelled all over the world and we've had all sort of animals, cats, dogs, snakes, fish. I bought the rhino early last year from a South African painter. I saw it in your collection and fell in love with it."

Inspired by Japan

"The Peter Goodhall Koi Carp was my first Artfinder purchase. I love the Japanese style black background with orange fish. I'd been looking for something for ages, and when it arrived it was even more beautiful in the flesh."

Eclectic Living

"I buy things with someone in mind as much as a year early and then think I might as well enjoy it for a while! If someone comes to the house and they like something I will often give it to them."

Shop the look

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