Where the art lovers live: Meet Kate and Katie

by Jane Verity

Introducing Kate and Katie, friends who share a beautiful, red-brick Victorian home in Norwood, South London. Their love of bohemian, eclectic styling alongside a pastel colour palette make this house both calming and full of character.

Plus, they both have a love for a bold statement piece, which brings some fun and colour into the mix. "We work in creative industries, and I think that's reflected in our look. You have to be able to come home after work and feel like it's somewhere you want to be" says Kate.

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Be Bold

“People think that you can only have big, bold artwork if your style is otherwise very minimal – we just don't think that's true! There's no reason why you can't mix and match a warm, homely feel with big colours and art that really demands to be looked at.”

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Mix and match

"Mix and match small framed pieces alongside other decorative objects with a similar colour palette for an, 'oh I just came home and found it like this' look. Which also means you don't have to hang them."

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Details Matter

"We both have an eye for the little things. A tea cup, a book, a plant - they can all be things of beauty. There's also a lot of vintage furniture in our house, which tends to lend itself better to organic shapes and textures than new things do."

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Bedroom Tranquility

"I've always liked to have a clean, light bedroom - somewhere a bit more peaceful than the rest of the house. The pieces on the wall are by Ali Asad, whose work I love. They're polaroid photos that he has painted over to create these beautiful ethereal characters."

Perfect original painted postcards by Ali Asad

Moka Express screenprint by Lu West


"Nothing wrong with a bit of neon! Used sparingly, I love a pop of bright, fresh colour to cheer everything up."

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