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10% off EVERYTHING* code: ARTFORALL10  ·  15% off $1000+ code: ARTFORALL15
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Art for the food and wine lover

Art for the food and wine lover

From Jan Davidszoon de Heem to Paul Cezanne, the subject of food has been appearing in art over the centuries. Way back in the 17th century, food was painted to comment on class structure and what kinds of food humans consumed. (For more on still life art, visit here.) Now, the modern food lover can enjoy art because well, it looks delicious. No matter if you’re a foodie, wine connoisseur or you just love a pink, shiny donut, we’ve got the goods for you.

A food and collage mishmash

What could be more appropriate an art medium than collage for depicting the shapes and textures of food? From three-dimensional plates of spaghetti made from rope to paper fruits, stray away from the classical still life painting and get quirky with a collage.

Is junk food art bad for you?

We’re going to say it: we truly believe food porn should be an art form in itself. Junk food art is an unapologetic mirror of our contemporary world, and just like the unhealthy subjects it represents, it can take many different forms. From photographs of street food to Pop Art inspired paintings, there’s something out there for every taste.

In vino veritas

Ah, the nectar of the Gods. For some people, wine is what you drink to celebrate big occasions. For others, it’s a religion. When it comes to art, wine has a certain classical, indulgent quality. From vintage signs, ageing grapes and Tuscan vineyards, be whisked away to somewhere magical.

Photorealistic food

Some paintings of food or wine are so realistic you can almost smell them. From depictions of fried eggs to shiny pink donuts, these artworks are just what a food lover has always dreamed of hanging on the walls of their kitchen or dining room.

Feeling hungry for more? Browse art for the food and wine lover here:

Cover image via Ben Slade

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