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  • Painting the Artists!

    Painting the Artists!

    Love this close up of a garden scene painted last month near Alton, Hants. A fellow artist was working nearby so I just had to put her into my picture. This close-up shows the lively brushwork. I think it would look great on a much larger scale. This painting is only 12 x 10 inches.

    01 October 2018

    Painting the Lavender Fields

    Painting the Lavender Fields

    Just spotted this image of me painting last year in my local lavender fields. It brings back lovely memories and reminds me to go again next year.

    07 September 2018

    Painting at Watershed Studio

    Painting at Watershed Studio

    Nice to get a photo of me at work for a change! Here I am giving a demonstration to students on my summer oil course, painting the sheep as they sat in the shade of this lovely large tree.

    03 September 2018

    Studio catch up

    Studio catch up

    In my studio this week as the weather is so poor. Painting in the drizzly rain is really not for me these days! Doing some framing of finished works instead. Here I have been putting the finishing touches to the frames with a nice wax polish before paintings go off to a local gallery.

    11 April 2018

    Painting at Papercourt Sailing Club

    Painting at Papercourt Sailing Club

    A great day painting the club racers down at Papercourt Sailing Club near Ripley in Surrey. Quite a challenge as they don't hang about! However, I came home with lots of ideas, photos and studies for a series of studio paintings.

    27 March 2018

    In my Studio - painting Dell Quay

    Back in my studio this week, creating some new works following a recent "plein air" trip to Dell Quay near Chichester. I hope you enjoy this video of my latest Dell Quay painting, this time done from photos taken at the time. I still aim to keep my brushwork fresh and loose, painting quickly to re-create the atmosphere of a cool breezy afternoon on the foreshore.

    14 March 2018

    Finishing off Winter Fun, North Downs

    Back in my studio, here's what happens when I bring plein air works home. Once dried off I will assess the work, decide whether or not it needs adjusting and aim to make any changes without compromising the freshness of the brushstrokes to maintain the impressionist nature of my work.

    02 March 2018

    Floating Studio

    Floating Studio

    Finishing off my painting of the setting sun at Pyrford, River Wey in the warmth of the boat last week. Painting outside is great but after an hour my fingers were beginning to freeze!

    28 February 2018

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