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  • Happy New Year 2021

    2020 truly taught us to be humble and true meaning of family and friendship. I hope we will remember how important we are to each other now we have been brought closer more than ever! Happy New Year to all my family, friends and faithful followers 🎉 Love always. Kumi💗

    01 January 2021

    Sail Away

    Sail Away, acrylic painting on paper born from this song.

    17 January 2019

    When The Rain Blow Blow On Your Face

    If ever a painting was made for a song, this one is perfect for 'Make You Feel My Love' song by Adele. Watch :)

    14 January 2019

    Artworx, The Art Event in Wimbledon at Southpark Gardens Room Art Show

    We are London Contemporary Artists living in and around Wimbledon. Names of artists will be released in due course. The Flyer images includes some of the work that will be there at the event. You can buy prints, paintings on paper to original canvas paintings for your homes or business at affordable prices. You can meet the artists behind the talent at this event as the sales are handled directly by the artists so you get to find out about the process of painting and the story behind it! We will have music, light snacks and soft drinks. This is a family event, £5 per adult, children free. Your tickets are fully redeemable against any purchase at this event. £1 of each ticket sold to charity. Now can you help us promote? Share this link https://www.facebook.com/ArtworxTheAr... with everyone you

    29 November 2018

    Behind Closed Door Video Progress 2

    So as the title says here's the video on the painting Behind Closed door, progress 2. Watch out for final video next soon.

    23 October 2018

    Behind Close Door Painting In Progress Video 1

    This is the first! I have decided to video the progress of my artwork and here's the first step in creating the beautiful painting Behind Closed Door. Enjoy!

    18 October 2018

    Wall Floral Art III Video!

    Beautiful artwork deserves beautiful music, watch this!

    06 July 2018

    Pot Flowers

    Pot Flowers

    I often wonder why I paint and this is true, why do we get the urge to paint? I am not an artist who went to art school or born with a gift. It happened one day when I decided to have a go at painting and realised I was actually good at it! I thought so anyway and so did the people I worked with and soon became collectors, buying my paintings one after another. This made me think, why don't I paint for a living? So I did, for awhile anyway just painted and sold my paintings and it was thrilling, creating something someone wants to buy. Of course, now I'm a busy mom of two small darlings, I only paint when time allows me. So it took me back to the question, why I paint and I've come to the conclusion because it makes me happy and I love a challenge to see if I can actually paint whatever the subject may be, good enough for someone feel the need to want to have it. Flowers are close to my heart and I will always love painting them, pots are a challenge :)

    16 January 2018

    An Angel Watching Over You

    An Angel Watching Over You

    Most of the time I am an artist creating for the sake of creating and letting the enjoyment of seeing something new appear before my eyes. But other times I am thinking of you, what you would want to see me paint, what attracts you to my paintings and why you want to buy this piece. This one for you, because you love my angels and I enjoyed creating her for you.

    23 November 2017

    Looking For Me

    Looking For Me

    Latest painting on Eco magazine paper following the recent style of mixing acrylic and pen with magazine's original print creating wonderful mix of colours and texture effect as this painting Looking For Me.

    24 October 2017

    Selfie July 2017

    Selfie July 2017

    Took a photo with some of my recent work for sale.

    04 July 2017

    Lone Tree

    Lone Tree

    Latest and last work of 2016. What a great year it has been, here's hoping for even better one this year! Happy New Year😄❤️

    01 January 2017